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Gold Star Equine offers complete hoof care for your
equine partner. Whatever your discipline—from the once
a week trail ride to the competitive performance horse—
we can help you get the most out of your horse owner-
ship experience.

The old saying, "No Hoof, No Horse" is truer today
than ever. Modern breeding trneds have concentrated
more on color, disposition, speed, and similar qualities.
Unfortunately, the one trait most often overlooked is the
strong, healthy hoof. Fortunately for horse owners, the
advancements in hoof care technology and hoof main-
tenance have provided remedies to many of today's
hoof issues.

Gold Star Equine offers a horseshoeing service that
provides solutions for nearly any hoof problem or
concern. Wedge pads, flat pads, bar shoes, rolled or
rocker toes shoes, heel checks, and medial and lateral
support shoes are just some of the corrections that we
perform on a regular basis.

However, this does not mean that many horses have
"bad" feet. If properly maintained, most horses require
only basic shoeing or triming. This is where Gold Star
and our years of experience can help you, the
horse owner, realize potential savings. Often we are
able to save our clients money by providing the correct
trim for the horse, saving future headaches, downtime,
and possible vet bills. Our goal is to trim for balance
and health first, and then to maximize the horse owner's
riding needs.

Lynn Lee triming a hoof

Being horse owners ourselves, we understand the importance of
prompt, reliable service. Lynn Lee is a PCHS certified farrier with
several years experience. Clients include 1,700 mile endurance
horses, professional and amateur rodeo horses, show horses and
thoroughbreds, both retired and currently in training. And yes, the
"backyard" horse is a favorite too as well as working with those horses
that need a little extra attention.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to make an appointment
at 209-2304-1998.


Trim - $35

Half-Shoe - $60

Bars - additional $25


Ranch Call - $10

Full Shoe - $80

Pads - additional $15

Training - $50 per hour
Lynn Lee triming a hoof